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Web-4M Demonstration Login
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NOTE: Web-4M is a signed Java applet and will automatically download itself and begin running. This process will take less than one minute for most connections. Please be patient. When the download is done, you will prompted as to whether you want to install and run it. To use Web-4M you need to select Yes (Internet Explorer) or Grant this Session (Netscape/Mozilla).

This Web-4M server is configured to optionally use our Secure Access-4M firewall tunnel. In either login process below you will be prompted as to whether you wish to use the tunnel or not. Most users should select "Yes" or "Yes Every Time" to ensure connection to the Web-4M server.

Click here to instantly login to Web-4M as a demo user. You will automatically be logged into Web-4M and sent into the conference room called Lobby.

Click here if you wish to create your own user account. When the Web-4M login window appears, type in any username and any password, then click the New User button. A small window will pop-up asking for confirmation of your password and your real name. Enter this data and push the submit button to start the account registration and login process. If registration fails, the username is already in use, simply pick another username and try again. Once you have created an account you may login using the same username and password, but click the Login button instead of the New User button.

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