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JDH is sensitive to the rising cost of higher education. Discounts are available for universities and other non-profit educational institutions. Contact us today for a quote, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Web-4M for Education and Training
Web-4M is a comprehensive eLearning environment. Instructors can give distributed presentations with streaming audio/video. Assessment tools allow for immediate feedback from students to ensure learning. Synchronous and asynchronous learning approaches are blended together. Web-4M was designed by educators who understand the demands on teachers and have worked to ease the burden of instructors through the use of appropriate technology.
Educational Flow
  Web-4M Integration with Sakai.
In Web-4M 7.3 the Application Programming Interface has been enhanced to allow integration with Sakai, the open source Learning Management System. To learn more about Sakai go to http://www.sakaiproject.org. To try out Sakai and the Web-4M integration go to http://www.web4m.com:8080/portal, and login as sakaiuser1 with a password of sakaiuser1. If you have more than one user you can also log in as user sakaiuser2 (with password sakaiuser2) or sakaiuser3 (with password sakaiuser3). Once logged in, you will see a worksite listed called Web-4M Testing. Click on it and you will be taken into that worksite. To go to Web-4M simply click the "Enter Live Session" button on the left.
Why Web-4M for eLearning?
Retention Rates
Cognitive Science has published results that explain how seeing, hearing, and collaboration affect student retention.

The results demonstrate that interactive learning versus simply reading or seeing greatly improve retention.

The US Coast Guard independently studied Web-4M for training. The study concluded that, "Using Web-4M software versus bringing them to resident class made little or no difference to the  trainees in terms of learning."

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