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What's new in Web-4M 7.3?
Moderated Chat
A new control in the slideshow menu enables the presenter to moderate chat. When enabled, all messages, except those of the presenter, will go to a panel that appears in the presenter’s room window just above the regular chat area. A particular chat message can be discarded by clicking on the name field, while clicking on the message field will send the chat message to the regular chat area of all users.
  Enhanced Application Sharing for Windows
In Web-4M 7.3 the Application Sharing function for Windows users has been modified to use polling. This ensures that all screen updates are captured, eliminating “missing pieces” or “dropped windows.”.
  API Integration with Sakai.
In Web-4M 7.3 the Application Programming Interface has been enhanced to allow integration with Sakai, the open source Learning Management System. To learn more about Sakai go to http://www.sakaiproject.org. To try out Sakai and the Web-4M integration go to http://www.web4m.com:8080/portal, and login as sakaiuser1 with a password of sakaiuser1. If you have more than one user you can also log in as user sakaiuser2 (with password sakaiuser2) or sakaiuser3 (with password sakaiuser3). Once logged in, you will see a worksite listed called Web-4M Testing. Click on it and you will be taken into that worksite. To go to Web-4M simply click the "Enter Live Session" button on the left.br>
  Enhanced Control in Conferences
The conference presenter (the person currently running the conference) may now disable the Chat functions using a hot key. Also, a new menu item allows the presenter to disable the Request Microphone function.
  Enhanced Handling of MIME Email
Emails containing html text can now be displayed in a browser window. External emails with the most common foreign language characters are now handled correctly on all servers. All external MIME emails are now correctly identified as MIME compliant.

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