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How Do I Get Started Using Web-4M?

We believe Web-4M is the best collaboration tool on the planet. Before you buy Web-4M, we want you to think so too. Therefore, we suggest trying Web-4M on our demo site, or downloading it to your server for testing first. Then, when you know you want Web-4M, you can proceed through steps 3-6.

1. Try it on our demo site

Our demo site will give you the choice of creating your own Web-4M account on our demo server, or logging in using the API/Portal features. Once on the system, you can try the conferencing features. Look for other users with whom to test the collaborative features. If you see Administrator, Doughty, Hodson or Menon ask them for a guided tour.

2. Download it to your server

If you are planning to run Web-4M on your own server (as most of our customers do), you should probably download version 7.0 and test it out on your server and network. This 3-user download version is fully functional, including the API. The API documentation is in the System Manual, which is included in the download. Have fun, and please contact us if you have any questions about installing or running Web-4M. If you need a larger license for a trial period, we can accommodate that easily.

At this point we assume you want to buy Web-4M. What next?

3. Decide on the type of license.

Web-4M is available with either “named user” or “concurrent user” licenses. A 100 named user license allows up to 100 named accounts to exist on the system, and any or all of these 100 users may be online and connected at any one time. In addition a named user system allows guest logins up to 20% of the license limit. In the case of the 100 named user up to 20 guests could be logged in, in addition to the 100 named users.

A 100 concurrent user license allows any number of accounts to be created. Up to 100 of those accounts may be online and connected at any one time. Any or all of the 100 connected users may be guest logins.

Which type of license is best for you? If your collaborative application has the same people connected most of the time (from several different offices for example), then a named user account is usually most cost effective. If you need to have a lot of different people connecting on a frequent basis, then a concurrent user license is better.

4. Decide on the size of the license

How many people do you need to collaborate at any one time? One of the nice things about Web-4M is that you can start with a smaller (and cheaper) system, and upgrade the count incrementally at any time. Thus, if you underestimate the size of the system, there is no price penalty. You simply pay the price difference between the larger system and your original system.

5. Do you need firewall tunneling?

If so, you will want to order Secure Access-4M, the firewall tunneling companion to Web-4M. Secure Access-4M allows clients to penetrate their firewalls, or your firewall, by routing communication via port 443 HTTPS (SSL) requests. Secure Access-4M then routes these requests (and the responses) to and from the Web-4M server. As an added bonus, all communications are encrypted, including audio, appshare, and video.

6. Contact us. We can usually get you started in less than an hour.

A fax of your purchase order is all we need to get started. If you have already installed the downloadable version of Web-4M, all you will need is the security keys we will email to you.

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