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Global conferencing, eLearning and conducting everyday business has never been more intuitive


Web-4M is a comprehensive collaboration and learning environment. Web-4M is an integrated suite of peer-to-peer, multi-user , and groupware tools that deliver information Just-In-Time. Web-4M features browser accessible local and global communication. Utilizing the latest Java technology, Web-4M eliminates software distribution, provides platform independence, and reduces administration.

Web-4M conference with video

Multimedia Rooms for Group Interaction

Web-4M extends the chat room concept to provide users with a full suite of multimedia tools. In each room, users can audio conference, chat, share graphics via a white board and view slides through a interactive slide show.

Audio Conferencing 

  • All participants in a room can hear your voice
  • Low bandwidth for modem access

Follow-Me Browsing 

  • Surf the web and while conference attendees follow along
  • Embed URL in slide shows
Interactive Slide ShowTM
  • Uses a white board for full interactivity 
  • Question slides with real-time feedback from participants 
  • Build slide shows from PowerPoint
  • Add Slides/Questions on the fly 
White Board
  • Shared Object based collaborative drawing tool 
  • Imports/Exports standard image formats and text
  • Stream the presenter's camera to video all collaborators
  • Rate and quality control
App Share
  • Broadcast your desktop applications to everyone is the room
  • Ideal for training demonstrations or collaborative document viewing/editing
Conference Record
  • Record you room-based conferences
  • Capture chat, whiteboarding, audio, slides, questions, and synchronized web browsing
  • Stand-alone conference player available
  • SCORM compliant conference editor
  • Whisper mode allows users to conduct private discussions at any time 
  • Text formatting including color, fonts, super/sub-scripting. 
  • Chats can be achieved in the Browseable Document LibraryTM

Peer to Peer Essentials

Web-4M offers a rich set  tools for 1-to-1 communications. You can increase your productivity with remote desktop and application sharing while you see and hearing each other. 

YO TM - "Instant Message"

  • Message anyone online with a simple point and click
  • Text formatting including color, fonts, super/sub-scripting. 
  • Stream video between collaborators
  • Bandwidth and frame rate controls
App Share
  • Share applications on remote desktops
  • Remotely access your work or home computer
  • Full-duplex (2-way) Phoning
  • Low bandwidth for modem access

Web-4M Projects blend documents, discussion/news groups, and multi-media rooms together. Combined with the Web-4M groups concept for email and scheduling, organizing a team on a central focus becomes easy.


Coordinating people and activities in essential in any organization. Web-4M makes it easy to find contact information, schedule meetings and maintain calendars. Now with Palm (R) HotSynch support you can roam and stay in sync with your on-line tools.


  • Palm HotSync support
  • iCalendar compliant
  • Alarms and mailable appointments
  • Scheduler to find "holes" in user's calendars 
  • Prioritize appointments
  • Import/Export capability for exchanging with Outlook and other programs 
Address Book
  • Palm HotSync support
  • vCard compliant
  • Import/Export capability for exchanging with Outlook and other programs 
  • Advanced keyword search allowing you to search based on content
  • Secure link to prevent email eavesdropping
  • Always accessible from anywhere via the Web browser (Roving Email)
  • MIME Compliant 
  • Internet access via POP3 and SMTP servers 
  • Mail white boards and calendar appointments 
  • Optimized for low bandwidth networks (IMAP download features)
  • Drag-And-Drop mail to folders
  • Powerful group editor for maintaining mailing lists. 
  • HTML Mail
  • Access control to news 
  • Private internal newsgroups 
  • Common look and feel with email 
  • Multimedia attachments
Managing Information

Web-4M contains a Browseable Document LibraryTM to facilitate information sharing. 

Document selector

  • Secure document mode
  • Browses private and public areas 
  • Selects items from the library to share with other users in multimedia rooms. 
  • Selects documents and images to attach to email and news postings 
  • Index and search, private and shared documents
  • New and email content indexing
File Manager
  • Post to the web with a Drag-And-Drop 
  • Transfers files between local machine and the document library effortlessly 
  • Private or public folder creation and deletion for organizing documents 
  • Access control protects your documents 
Assessment Support

Give assess students or trainees, survey your employees or clients. Advanced query tools allow you to interact in both asynchronously or synchronously in way that you could never before over the web.

Question Builder

  • Build T/F, multiple choice, essay, numerical and other question types.
  • Allows for images, text and graphical (drawn) responses
  • Build surveys for assessment
  • Anonymous responses allowed
  • Allow for immediate real-time question response in presentations or lectures
Question Viewer
  • View responses graphically
  • Auto-grade standard question types if appropriate
  • Sequence through tests in question or student order
Advanced Security
  • Digital signatures and the Java "Sandbox" model allow users to control local file access
  • Access to Web-4M is protected through doubly encrypted passwords
  • Secure Access-4M tunneling solution for secure access through firewalls
  • Authorization server to restrict document access to Web-4M users
  • Refer to our Secure Access-4M Manual.
Additional Features
  • Easily configurable, turn off unwanted features 
  • Application Programing Interface (API) for web site integration
  • Customize images and banners for your organization
  • Users login statistics 
  • Optional local caching allows rapid access over slow links
  • Multiple independent windows allows access to several tools at once.
  • Audio/Video conference through Network Address Translators (NATs)
  • Peer to peer video extends the popular VIC tool developed in conjunction with University of California - Berkeley
  • Customizable user permission settings under administrator control
  • Keyboard accessible conference commands for handicap access
  • 3 rd Party software launch support
System Requirements
  • The Web-4M server runs with popular Solaris, Linux, or Window NT/2000 web servers.
  • The client software downloads automatically and runs on any Solaris workstation, Windows 95/98/2000/Me/NT/XP, Linux, SunRay, or Mac OS X machines with a Java enabled browser.
  • Client/Server Requirements.

All administration is performed with tools contained within the Web-4M system. A graphical interface makes adding and deleting users a snap, or open registration may be enabled. Servers run under Sun Microsystems latest HotSpotTM Virtual Machine (distributed with the system) and in conjunction with a Web server. There is no client installation since client software is automatically downloaded when your web browser connects to Web-4M through a designated web page. 

Java Technology

Web-4M utilizes Java technology developed by Sun Microsystems. This technology provides product capabilities not available in other systems.

  • Software is automatically downloaded through Java's Applet Mechanism. 
  • Browser-based Software Access and Upgrades -- No Client Installation Costs. 
  • Java's Virtual Machine Allows Web-4M to run on any machine that supports the Java Virtual Machine (PCs, Macs, Java Stations, Sparc Stations, Linux, SunRays, etc...). 
Java's Write Once Run Anywhere technology makes Web-4M very affordable.

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