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Why Should You Use Web-4M?

Web-4M is Collaboration Without BoundariesTM

Our goal for Web-4M was simple: to create the best collaboration tool on the planet (full-featured), and make it useable by anyone (browser accessible), on any computer (cross-platform), on any network (firewall tunneling) at an affordable price. We believe we have succeeded.

We know Web-4M isn’t the only collaboration software out there. We also know that most of our competitors lack important features. Some don’t do audio (or do it badly) or video, some won’t let you host on your own server, some only work on Windows servers and clients, and some simply cost a fortune. Here are some key reasons we believe you should consider Web-4M.

Web-4M is Full Featured

Web-4M does everything you want collaboration software to do. Audio, video, application sharing, conferencing, recording, editing, chat, whiteboarding, email, news, calendaring...etc. All over the web, all with one program. No extra programs, no separate phone conference, no additional costs. Just one browser accessible program.

Web-4M Requires No Software Installation

The client software is a Java applet, which is automatically downloaded and run by your browser. This eliminates mass distribution of software. Upgrades are handled automatically by the software. The server, of course, does need to be installed on your webserver, unless we host it for you.

Web-4M is Cross-Platform

The Web-4M server is 100% Java, and will run on almost anything which supports Java. We currently support Linux, Windows, and Solaris servers, and some of our customers are using Mac OS X as the server. On the client side, Web-4M runs with both IE and Netscape/Mozilla on the Windows, Linux, Solaris, and Mac platforms. Even our audio is cross-platform, allowing full-duplex phoning and audio conferencing among all platforms.

Web-4M Runs on Your Server (or Ours)

We let you host Web-4M on your own server and network. While we will host if asked, we find that most of our customers already have a good Internet connection. Because Web-4M is easy to configure and manage, it is reasonable for our customers to manage their own Web-4M installation - fully supported by us of course!

Web-4M Drills through Firewalls

Web-4M’s companion software product, Secure Access-4M, allows clients to penetrate their firewalls, or your firewall, by routing communication via port 443 SSL (HTTPS) requests. Secure Access-4M then routes these requests (and the responses) to and from the Web-4M server.

Web-4M Integrates with Any Portal

Web-4M’s server-side API simplifies integration with any portal architecture. This feature allows users who have been authenticated by another mechanism (LDAP, JDBC for instance) to be automatically logged into Web-4M, and optionally sent directly into one of the multimedia rooms for a conference. The API also allows adding and deleting users, and creating and removing rooms.

Web-4M can be Customized

If there is a feature you absolutely must have, and Web-4M doesn’t have it, let us know and we will give you a quote. Our prices are reasonable, and we roll the new code right into Web-4M, so your enhancements are maintained as part of the system.

Web-4M is Reasonably Priced

Compare our pricing to the competition. We beat everybody who has a halfway decent collaborative tool, and many which aren't halfway decent! With systems starting at just $1300, and discounts for educational and non-profit users, everyone can afford world-class collaboration.

Web-4M Offers a Free Trial

Try Web-4M. For free. Visit our main site at www.jdhtech.com and do a demo. Play with the API. Or download version 7.0 and test it out on your server and network. The 3-user download version is fully functional, including the API. The API documentation is in the System Manual, which is included in the download. Have fun, and please contact us if you have any questions about Web-4M.

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